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Weiking Electronics launches a new voltage surge suppressor product WKVS12850

Weiking Electronics launched a new voltage surge suppressors product, WKVS12850. This is a high reliability surge suppressor for use with high reliability and military DC-DC converters operating at less than 50W. WKVS12850 is connected to the input of the DC-DC power module to handle  surge voltages and spikes of a DC power supply system.

The surge suppressors is designed utilizing surface mount components and encapsulated with a high performance thermal conductive compound. It is ideal for use in aerospace, military and high-end industrial applications. Standard models are designed for an input voltage range of 16 to 42V volts.

WKVS12850 surge suppressor is designed to extend DC/DC converter input bus voltage to meet system operation during voltage transients and spikes occurring in high reliability or other systems. The design has been executed using surface mount components and is manufactured using fully automated processes to guarantee high quality for use in aerospace, high reliability and high-end industrial applications.

WKVS12850 features 3 modes of operations as follow:
• Normal operation:
Normal operation occurs when input bus line is in steady state voltage range of 16V to 42V. The WKVS12850 is then operating in steady transparency state providing an output with a typical 0.3V drop-out voltage.

• Transient and spike operation:
When the bus voltage is higher than 42VDC, the output voltage is clamped at 42VDC. The module can sustain input transients up to 80V/50ms and spikes up to 600V/20µs with 50 ohms impedance.

• Overvoltage protection operation:
When the input bus voltage above the maximum input voltage (42V) for an extended duration ( 80ms), the output of the WKVS12850 will cease. When the input voltage is restored to the normal operating range, the module will restore the output.

 •  Wide input voltage range, up to 80V
 •  Ultra-small size 26.811.46.8mm, low power dissipation, high reliability
 •  utput power up to 50W
 •  Sustain transients up to 80V/50ms up to three times within 1 min
 •  Output clamped at 40VDC as the surge occurs(his can be adjusted according to user's requirements)
 •  Extended duration(100ms)vervoltage protection, and self-recovery function
 •  Good unidirectional continuity, break-over drop voltage drop is 50mV/A
 •  Transient and spike suppression meet MIL-STD-704
 •  Rugged shell with fixed mounting tabs

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